USA World War 2 and Occupation Era: US Army Winter Service Uniform for a Colonel from the Quatermaster Corps with the United States Army Europe

private purchased, in olive drab shade no. 51 (OD 51), with hand embroidered U.S collar devices and metal rank insignia to both shoulders (silver sterling), on the left arm with US army Europe SSI on the right arm with the 5th Army SSI. Inside with brown satin lining with tag " Regulation Army Officers Uniform " and quartermaster tag, dated June 24 1942. Arm length 61 cm, chest circumference 80 cm, length 75 cm, some minor waist moth damages. he waist belt is present. Condition 2-3 Comes with matching trousers, waist circumference 82 cm, length 100 cm, inside with tag "Regulation Army Officers Trousers", several laundry numbers, condition 2