USA World War 2: US Army Winter Service Uniform with Trousers for a Corporal of the Artillery in the 9th Infantry Division 

serge wool tunic, with collar discs and rank chevrons, on the upper left shoulder with 9th Infantry SSI, " Wolf Brown " ribbon bar including, World War II Victory Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with 2 Battel Stars, American Defence Medal, above with CIB in sterling silver. Also on his lower left sleeve with 3 overseas strips. Inside the lining with laundry number "45666 & 19264" and name "Gentry", size markings "38R", no quartermaster etiquette present. Arm length 59 cm, chest circumference 80 cm, length 76 cm. Small repairs in the back, condition 2- Ribbon bar is original but post-war applied and might be not in the correct order. CIB can only be worn if you were in the Infantry, this soldier might have been in the infantry before his service in the artillery. Trousers in serge wool, with size stamping W32/L33. and quartermaster etiquette dated from 4. Dec. 1944. Waist circumference 40 cm, length 109 cm. Condition 3