Drs. Joep van Hoof: Military Uniforms in the Netherlands 1752-1800 The Jassenboekje (the Military Coats Book) and the drawings of uniforms by Duncan Macalester Loup

Verlag Militaria. 320 pages, approx. 200 colour reproductions of contemporary drawings and illustrations, bound in linen. Format: 30.5 x 26.0 cm.

In 1903, the Military Historical Archive in the Netherlands inherited a large quantity of source material. In this legacy was a volume of illustrations of Dutch military uniform coats, dating from the second half of the eighteenth century, and a series of drawings of uniforms made by Duncan Macalester Loup (1751-1812). Both items are currently in possession of the Netherlands Institute of Military History (NIMH). Owing to their great detail and colourful rendition, these illustrations are one of the treasures of the Institute’s collection. With the publication of this book, the Institute and the Netherlands Army Museum have made this remarkable part of the Netherlands’ military heritage accessible to a wide audience.
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